Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is dedicated to the boy I love...

Imagine waking to a sharp, writhing pain at 5am. Not thinking it could be a labour pain until 10am. It has been a decade since that happened. Still remember every moment. One of the two best days of my life. I woke up to these crazy pains. Tried to rest, but didn't do much of that. After a while, I thought, I might as well go to the hospital to see what was going on. Send the ex out to the car, and all of the windows are smashed out of my beautiful ford tempo. So I called the police. When calling the police I was told to drive it up to the police station so they could look at it. After a huge argument ensued, and I explained I was in labour, the police officer decided to completely patronize me. I explained to the police officer that MD stood for Medical Doctor, not master of doughnuts. A police officer was at my door 15 mins later. We go to the hospital, only to be sent home, because I was two centimetres dilated. I thought, I am not cooking in the heat, and man I am in labour, I deserve a night off... So I ordered KFC. One piece of that greasy chicken and I was back at the hospital. I attempted to make friends with Anastiogologist before the epidural, but that clearly didn't work, the ex had to hold on to me as tight as possible to get the needle in my back. I continued to labour... For 31 hours total, with 8 people in my delivery room! HAHAHAHA! Pushed for four hours, to have to have an emergency c-section. 8:21pm the most beautiful baby boy known to man was delivered!
Looking back over the past decade, it has been an amazing ride! I couldn't ask for a better boy! My skateboarding, golfing, sister picking on, caring, sharing, concerned little boy! Love you T-Man more then words can say. Because believe it or not, you saved your mommy and gave her life a huge purpose!