Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Isn't crazy how a friend can motivate you? I have been trying to motivate myself to stage my house, as it is up for sale. But, only getting around on one foot, and being in pain, really doesn't help me at all. But I have this friend, everyone needs a friend like this, who puts me back in check, tells me I can do it, and helps me with the big stuff. When I say this, I am not discounting my other friends, because they do it too. But this friend isn't scared to say what is on her mind, whether I want to hear it or not. She is real. For all her help, I thank her...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, how was everyone's long weekend? Mine was wonderful! Spent the weekend with my southern family, went to my sister's wedding and had my boyfriend meet my dad! Can you say yikes! I felt like I was 16 all over again. My dad loved him! Crazy as it sounds, it is nice to get that kind of approval. It just seems to make life a lot easier. Not that you really need someones approval about your relationship to make you happy, but honestly it does make life a lot easier. The entire drive to London, I felt my anxiety kick in, and if I was feeling nervous what could Chris be feeling? Now, as he was joking about leaving if it didn't go well, there may have been a bit truth at the heart of it as well. But while we were there, I made a decision, no one else is going to influence my decisions about who I am going to share my life with. I do hope everyone can get along, but we are all grown ups, and this person is who makes me happy, that is really all that matters. Next weekend will be nerve wracking because the shoe is on the other foot! I have to say I learned something incredible from Chris this weekend, he is who he is, and if that isn't enough, that is there problem, he is job is to make me happy, and I think I will take a page from his book!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bring on the May 24!!

Just weighed in.... 225 lbs!! Yahoo!!! So that makes it 122lbs in total thus far! I am having some problems with not being able to work out or walk because of the beautiful cast that I am wearing :(. I have a serious case of the giggle bum... Which I am not liking. Up for suggestions about how to remedy it!
I have had a few questions this past week about my weight loss, so I will answer them here.
Q:  How do you feel?
A: Honestly, awesome! I have way more energy then I did before. My sleeping problems have depleted. It has been completely positive!
Q: Do you still you have to chew like crazy?
A: Yup, I am still a chewer! It makes life easier! I ate a hot dog to fast last Saturday night, and man I paid for it! Gonna keep chewing!
Q: Do you have cravings?
A: Not really. I have been craving beer, but I just have a sip of his beer, so it all works out.

Honestly, I haven't been happier in my life! My kids, new boyfriend, new lease on life!
LIFE'S GOOD, and I am living it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

no dancing for a while...

Just a short blog, as I wait at the hospital for surgery for my toe!!! Weighed in last night at 237lbs!! Unbelieveable! I have to say sore foot aside, I do feel wonderful! Living positive is a good thing. I actually had a huge accomplishment today. How many times have I had a hospital gown on? A few! They have never been big enough to close in the back so I ended up wearing two gowns to cover myself. No longer! Hospital gown is on and closed! Even able to wear the robe and close it as well! It feels good! And the handsome drywaller who was checking me out also made things a whole lot nicer today!!!!