Sunday, December 11, 2011

guess I just never realized...

What a wonderful weekend! Wow! For so long I never realized what it is like to be someone's priority, let alone the top of their priority list! Now, some of you think I am just trying to brag, and most of you who know me, know I am truly not.

My older sister asked me when I would come for a visit, my dad had been asking, my baby sister too. So we decided this was the weekend. I also thought what better a weekend for Dean to be inducted into the family. Also, its my birthday Tuesday, so it felt like a weekend away! I had been super stressed about Dean meeting my dad. Anyone who knows my dad, knows he is the sweetest guy and you have to take him with a grain of salt. I had prepared him for the worst, and prayed for the best. I, for lack of better terms, am a redneck. Meet my dad once you will know. Well, they got along great! He met everyone and they all liked him. But what's not to like? Why was I nervous about it? Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves for no reason, and when we do that, we put pressure on others too.

I honestly can say, this was the best birthday weekend I have ever had. Dean went out of his way to go away, meet my family, and make sure I enjoyed myself. That is unconditional love... Now if I can just get over the anxiety of getting older.

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  1. older as hot as you're looking is a plus for sure! Have a great birthday beautiful! xo