Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Challenges...

This taking on my job, I have come to realize I have always been a goal settler... One of goals I had attempted to continue with was running... Last spring, I made an effort to run every week day and honestly I felt great doing it! With the events of last year, illnesses and deaths, I lost my way... So my work has added some physically challenges to fundraising... Patrick Brown and I, as well as several others, are doing the scotia bank marathon in October, I am going to be a member of the Pirates of Epilepseas for Dragon boat and I will participating in Fighters for Fighting, through Results 360... Guess who had to start training... May 1st is the cut off, and this girl will be attending morning boot camp Monday-Thursday at 6 am every morning.. My friends Tiny and Gary are going to whip me into shape and teach me how to fight! Who would have thought this 360lb girl from downtown Sundridge would have ever made it this far? Inspiration goes such a long way, what will you do with yours today?

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