Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When is too soon...

Over the past year I have heard everyone's opinion about how life should proceed... I ask this, who are we go give these opinions? Really... I can remember early in my marriage having a discussion with my husband about death and if after death... My responses were simple, if I go first cremate me and put my urn in the dining room so he and his new 22 year old wife can have dinner with me every night , and then when he goes bury me with you. The biggest thing, was please move on and live. His message was the same. Don't wallow and sit around and wait for me to come back because I am not.. The only stipulation we both had was move forward and be happy. I think that when tragedy happens people have a preconceived notion about how to move on and time frame. There is no right or wrong when it comes to moving on. Did I love him, yes... Do I miss him, yes... Is he coming back, no... Is there room in my heart for someone else, yes... No one should judge anyone else, they don't know what your going through because they haven't walked a mile in your shoes..

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